Zilla Leutenegger

The Night That Never Ended

This artwork should be placed somewhere casually: On a sideboard, a Hi-Fi-speaker, or a club table. As if someone had merely forgotten to clear away the tumbler, that is how it appears, bearing an ice cube that will never melt. There is a story that is being told, a story about the passing of time. The drink has been finished (how fast a drink is polished off…). The ice cube is still left, it must have just happened. We don’t know what exactly came to pass. Who drank the whiskey, or cognac or gin? Where is the person? Was she alone? What is he doing now? Was the drink meant as a nightcap? An invigoration? Did the drink help to make an important decision? This is how it appears now, the glass, and in it a cube of frozen ice, that should actually melt, slowly, ever so slowly, but will not: As if someone had pressed the stop button, and halted time. The artwork tells not only of the passing of time, but presents a mysterious story as well. Is it a thriller? A tragedy? A comedy? That is why the work is titled as it is: “The Night that never ended”. Text: Max Küng / Translation: Rebecka Domig

Zilla Leutenegger (*1968, Switzerland) is known for her video installations and concentrated works on paper. Focusing on universal themes, including architecture, domesticity, fantasy and childhood she is not concerned with imposing an overarching plan or concept. Leutenegger often uses her own body as working material, drawing and videotaping this female protagonist, who happens to be herself. Her artistic practice is driven a curiosity of expanding the medium of drawing into three dimensional space and going beyond realism by creating works that trigger surprise in the viewer.

1968 Born in Switzerland
Lives in Zurich, Switzerland

1985–88 Business School in Chur
1995–99 School of Visual Arts, Zurich
1997–99 Assistant Section Video, ETH Architecture, Zurich

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